Unspoken Release

This page goes out to my Blog Followers and Visitors who appreciate my creative writing and have questions about overcoming writers block or lack the motivation to write…

I will be adding tips from now until December 2012.


The elders and the children in our communities always remind us that our first stories or inspirations to create tellings whether orally or in written form come from our dreams or day visions. Dreaming is an essential part of the creative development of one’s soul. So start recording your dreamings. And if u don’t remember ur night dreams then make time for daily daylight meditations so you can induce the deeper levels of your subconscious to vision quest. Getting out in nature and being close to the land is also a good stimulate for visioning; in addition to listening and or creating music.

I have even integrated concepts of indigenous visioning practices into my work on getting students to create poems and or rap lyrics. Of course modern western society refers to this as “guided imagery”; I know it as a dream walk.

An Elder from wherever your ancestral roots are from, who knows their medicines can also direct you in finding the right roots, herbs or plants to make into teas or bath oils to assist in relaxing u before you go to bed; so your dreaming is remembered and more vivid.

Although we must remember no dream walks straight :-).


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