Red Moon Chronicles

The ways of grandmother moon offer much clarity to one’s centre. I’ve decided this year I need to start integrating moon teachings into my daily movements.

As we move into May signs of springtime in my part of Kanta are beginning to reveal themselves. I am so aware of the longer days later sunset and earlier sunrise. Warmer temperatures, leaves returning, blades of green grass sprouting, birds and squirrels….

May represents the planting moon, flower moon, bloom moon for many Nations.

For the Cheyenne it is the moon when the horse gets fat.

For the Algonquin it is the moon when women weed the corn.

In the Tdot May starts that dance. U kno the mating dance. Whether u wanna go there or not ppl start looking for someone to approach…that sweet honey suckle scent will start wafting in the breeze and well bam! Take it slo…spend some time at the water hole getting to kno the company u might want to flex with this summer.

Even roses bear thorns.



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