Close Encounters of the Subway Kind

Lately I’ve been having these subway train encounters. Happening at a time when I’m really trying to be “single”. a couple of months ago a dude who was at York U when I was doing my teaching degree saw me on the train. Honestly I didn’t recognize him. He asked me if I use to do poetry down there. Then it clicked. He said he couldn’t forget a profile like mine “too regal”. I had two stops to go. Was heading to deliver a spoken word shop to high school students. He told me he was into business. I took his number. I could tell he was hoping my ride would have been longer. I didn’t actually mind the brief encounter. I’m trying to be “single”…in the singular sense of the word. Meaning I don’t even want to give off an impression that I will wanna link u in the near future. So then u gotta ask yourself why did u take the number then?? Just today dude on subway seat across from me kinda looking in my direction, I’m trying to ignore, but he’s cute and his face looks familiar. Our eyes lock. He waves and I do a nod. Then he’s like I saw you at the (location will remain undisclosed) on Saturday. Then it hit me. Yep we have seen each other before. I start shifting in my seat. He’s like u friends with (name of friend will remain anonymous). I confirm the friendship. He’s like I really enjoyed that poem u did. I thanked him. Then tried to find a distraction. Of course my iPhone. He was still looking in my direction. I could of kept a convo going easy. We had a mutual homie. But remember I am on da singular….a convo cud lead to ru on FB and then more openings to further link ups. To add injury to insult. We got off at the same subway stop. Damn. He slowed his pacing to match mine. What does singular atom girl do…haha…speed up of course. He probably thinks I’m stuck up. A great stuck up poetry chic. Awe snap.

Subway encounters….

Ur always on my mind
Thoughts racing all the time
Can’t find the reason or rhyme
Ur always on my mind
Ur always on my mind
Ur always on my mind



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