Nodin Says…April 2012

Nodin is the youngest of my wolf pack…an exurbanite 6 year old who has started droppin’ sum knowledge on the verbal that actually has been school’n me. So I thought I would blog a series of monthly Nodin Says moments for my readers….

I was using goat milk soap in the bath:

Nodin: “if you use goat soap you will smell because goat soap come from goats. If you eat goat cheese or drink goats milk you will smell like goat”

Mom: “Why do babies have to grow up?”
Nodin: “To be like you.”

Carrying a heavy Nodin up the stairs for bed on my back:

Mom: “Oh god help me!”
Nodin: “God is helping you.”

After talking to the wolf pack about how hard I work:

Eldest Son: “Mom work puts food on the table.”

Nodin: “No, work doesn’t do nothing it just makes you tired.”




  1. Ha! “You smell like a goat” is a regular insult at my house. Lol. That totally makes me want to go buy some of that soap!

  2. “God IS helping you”, an essential reminder from a wise boy, you’re blessed

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