Face 2 Face

I still have a few peeps who are not on facecrack…and I respect that. I do have to admit though for the work that I do as a professional artist and educator it has led to fan reach; biz deals and a few authentic friendships.

Lately I actually have been having Facebook Friend Face 2 Face encounters. You kno where someone steps to you and says, “your a spoken word artist”. And your like, “yea”. And he’s like extending his hand for a shake telling you his name and that your Facebook friends. And of course you don’t recognize the face to recognize the name but you take his word for it. And tell yourself to check when you get above ground. He proceeds to ask if you do one off’s…
And it takes about 60 sec’s to process the expression at the end of a long work day. You mention your in a band. He says do you do solo stuff, he says he knows your band he’s joined your fan page. He wants to know if he can send you some tracks cuz he’s not jus a Facebook friend but he’s a producer.
You say, “Sure, cool”….he gets off at the next stop. No phone numbers exchanged cuz that is sooo 2008. He’ll hit me up on FB and find my gmail.
Dude didn’t even ask my name during the convo but again he doesn’t need to cuz we on FB.

Face 2 Face….lol.


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