Memorial Memories from Kelowna Entry #2 March 18th 2012

Memorial Day Two


After breakfast and enjoying Matt & Michelle’s latte maker my cuz Anik from NB and I worked out at a local Rec Ctr gym…lol. Pure chic’s and elderly dudes…all the cute guys were still hung over from St. Patty’s Day the night before.

After the brief work out we checked out how the other half live in Kelowna by checking out lots up in the hills. These homes are ridiculous. Guest homes are connected to the estates by bridges. This land wuz once wilderness…park land when I first visited my grandparents this way in the 80’s. My grandpa use to drive us up the mountain side in his truck. We would see white tailed deer. Now these are gated communities primarily owned by semi  retired and retired Oil Company owners from Alberta.

Apparently Wayne Gretzky has a home up there. Okanagan Valley is the Valley of Mansion expansion…very sad.


Family BBQ wuz a lot more drama free than expected. Jokes tho. Our Auntie’s husband we call Bev  brought jerk sauce to add that JA feel to the chicken burgers. It wuz fun laughing with my Aunties most whom I have not scene since I wuz in High School.

Having a relaxed family gathering before a memorial service is how we do. We also talked about the family members who were absent because the chose not to come not cuz they couldn’t. Both my Uncles; my Mom’s brothers were no shows and everyone felt that wuz sad.  I haven’t seen my Uncle John since 2000 and Uncle Bill only visited me twice when I wuz still wearing sleepers to bed.

It wuz interesting when family members talked about who looked like who. Aunt Carol has Grandma’s nose; Marcel looks like Uncle Bill; Matt looks like Grandad when he wuz in the Military in the 40’s; my mom and Auntie Brenda look alike and everyone thinks I look neither like my mom or dad and I’m sooo tall. Naw…they b sooo short…lol. I do have the slit tooth trait from Gran dad’s side.

Prop’s to Michelle and Matt the food wuz good.
And things wrapped up around 8:30. The cousin’s decided to chill @ Matt’s and watch a movie and have popcorn.

I actually ate popcorn; had 2 glasses of wine and edited two promo reels :-)….never quite stop working it seems.

Rec Centre


The Lots in the Hills

The Aunties

The Cousins

On Deck The Memorial Service…


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  1. This article has inspired me to start writing on my own blog

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